Speaking at TAG DES BILDES by Photo+Medienforum Kiel

I am happy to announce that I’ll be speaking at “TAG DES BILDES” by Photo+Medienforum Kiel. I was invited to give a talk about my career and experiences in the creative industry. I will present my portfolio and provide an exclusive insight into my workflow and thinking process, that allows me to deliver consistent and pristine quality to my partners and clients. We’ll discuss about what is it like to work with professional clients on a daily basis. What are their needs? What are their thoughts and what can you to to provide nothing but security and a good feeling to work with you. Furthermore we’ll talk about how to present your own brand as a photographer and/or retoucher to stand out from the masses. Will I see you there?

Tag Des Bildes | Photo+Medienforum Kiel | Jan Wischermann | Keynote

Tag Des Bildes | Photo+Medienforum Kiel | Jan Wischermann | Keynote

“A picture is worth a thousand words” my talk on commercial retouching

This applies today due to media sensory overload more than ever. An outstanding image tells stories and captivates the target group. Harmoniously edited images thus contribute significantly to the communication success and make the content relevant. Professional developed and edited pictures can be a decisive purchase argument.


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