Making Of | Fortuna Düsseldorf | season 2016/17

Would you enjoy an exclusive insight into the current production of the team poster and the autograph cards of Fortuna Düsseldorf? Then I am very happy to take you behind the scenes of our current project. The new Fortuna images for the upcoming 2016/17 season are produced and will finally be released! Be sure to check out the exclusive MakingOf video and many cool photos of the production here! Enjoy!

Making Of Fortuna – an exclusive look behind the scenes

Here is the MakingOf video which gives you an exciting insight into the production and postproduction of this project! Even if the poster and the autograph cards may not look like much work, there is a very precise preparation, a meticulously planned shoot and a tightly organized post production behind it. In the athletics hall at the ESPRIT Arena in Dusseldorf we quickly set up a professional set to capture the whole team, the coaching staff and the officials in a few hours and to create the material for the autograph cards and the team poster for the fans. After the shoot it went straight into the post production, the players had to be extracted, an exciting look was developed and I created the master files. Thus, all autograph cards and a complex composing for the team poster were created in the next few days. A big THANK YOU to OUR fabulous team with Michael Güth, Cris Dahm, Christian Bacher, Karina Vilenskaja, Fortuna Düsseldorf, Sabrina Scheuer and Selcuk Uslu. The result has become the AMAZING!


The athletics hall turned into a set at the ESPRIT Arena

Karina Vilenskaja captured the set and the shoot in some impressive pictures. Everyone involved had a lot of fun, although behind the scenes it is quite turbulent. So many players and officials have to be briefed, prepared for the shoot and styled and then successively photographed. The kids of the Fortuna Kids Club had a sensational time and could be very close to their idols. The shining in their eyes makes even toughes professional melt. We are already looking forward to the production for the upcoming season 2017/18.

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